Voting Ambassador Training

How To Be a Great Voting Ambassador

(15 minutes)



You can look at being a Voting Ambassador as "easy money." All you have to do is talk with friends, housemates, and neighbors about voting in the next election. For each person who promises to remind three friends to vote, you'll get $50.

Being a good Voting Ambassador is a little harder. It means understanding the importance of voting and being able to explain it to others. It means appreciating the last 150 years of struggle to enable Black people to vote today, and why the Black vote is especially important this November. This training will give you those basics. We'll also show you some examples of how to do the work of a Voting Ambassador, and we'll ask you to share your thoughts and questions.

But a 15-minute training can't make you a great Voting Ambassador. A great Voting Ambassador recognizes how special this moment is in our history — for our country, for Black people and our communities, for how we'll all live the next four years — and how you can make a difference. When you bring that energy to the people you talk with, and they promise to remind three friends to vote, you'll have the satisfaction of knowing you tripled your impact and gave our community a stronger voice in our future.

The Importance of Voting

Winning and protecting the right for Black people to vote has been a long and tough battle that continues to this day. And no one battled harder than John Lewis, the long-time Georgia congressman who passed away on July 17th.

Watch this brief excerpt from the eulogy of Congressman Lewis by former President Obama:

What did you think about President Obama's speech?

The struggle for the Black vote

Black people have been fighting for the right to vote for 150 years. While efforts to suppress Black voting continue, Black voters have more power to change America today than at any other time in our history.

To learn about the history of the Black vote, watch Bridging History: Selma and the Voting Rights Act of 1965.

Who and what we vote for

Voting is not just about electing a President. We also elect hundreds of other government officials who can help us in many important ways:

  • Making housing more affordable
  • Lowering the cost of healthcare
  • Reducing racism
  • Improving water and air quality
  • Making college more affordable
  • Creating more and higher-paying jobs

What issues are important to you?

Reasons to vote

There are lots of good reasons to vote. Here are a few:

What are some reasons you might vote?

Voting basics

This year’s election is an important one involving many different candidates and issues — including whether Donald Trump should be president for four more years. Here's why:

True or false:

A person who is unable to vote in person on Election Day is not allowed to vote.

False. A person can vote in person before Election Day or by mail-in or absentee ballot without going to a polling place.

Being a Voting Ambassador

As a Voting Ambasssador, your task is to recruit “Vote Triplers” from a list of family members, friends, and neighbors we provide. A Vote Tripler is someone who agrees to remind three other people to vote in the next election.

To be clear, your Vote Triplers must be people on the list we provide in our app. These are people near you who are not regular voters and need to be reminded about the importance of voting.

You will earn $50 for each Vote Tripler you recruit. And your Vote Triplers can become Ambassadors and earn money recruiting Vote Triplers of their own!

Vote-Tripling example

Let's say you saw your friend Vanessa Taylor on the list of possible Vote Triplers we provide. You would reach out to Vanessa and ask her to become a Vote Tripler — that is, to promise to remind three other people (housemates, family members or friends) to vote in the next election.

If Vanessa agrees, you'll enter her name and the names of the three people she promised to remind in our app. As soon as Vanessa confirms that she’s your Vote Tripler, we'll send you an electronic payment — it’s as easy as that!

And if Vanessa becomes a Voting Ambassador and recruits at least one Vote Tripler of her own, you'll get a $50 bonus!

Here's an example:


Do you have any questions about being a Voting Ambassador, recruiting Vote Triplers, or anything else?


In performing my activities as a Voting Ambassador —

  • I am acting as an independent contractor, and not as an employee or agent of BlockPower;
  • I do not have the power or authority to speak for BlockPower or to legally bind it by anything I say or do;
  • I am not being paid to vote, to register to vote, or to register anyone else to vote; and
  • I understand I will not be entitled to payment for submitting false names or other information.