Frequently Asked Questions


  • What is a Voting Ambassador?

    A Voting Ambassador is a community organizer who recruits Vote Triplers — people who commit to reminding three people to vote in the next election.

  • What is a Vote Tripler?

    A Vote Tripler is a person who promises to remind three people (friends, housemates, neighbors, etc.) to vote in the next election.

  • Can I earn money as a Voting Ambassador?

    BlockPower and its partner organizations pay Voting Ambassadors where state laws allow it. This version of the program is for people living in states where we do not pay — that is, for people wanting to volunteer in support of our cause.

  • Can I earn money as a Vote Tripler?

    Vote Triplers are always volunteers — even in states where Voting Ambassadors are paid.

  • My housemate (or family member, neighbor, or friend) wants to be a Vote Tripler but isn’t on the list. Can I add them anyway?

    No, you can only add Vote Triplers from the list. But we encourage you to talk about vote tripling with other people you know so more people will be reminded to vote in the next election!

  • When I tried to sign up, the app said my address couldn’t be verified. Now what should I do?

    The app uses your address to find possible Vote Triplers near your home. Try signing in with addresses close to yours until you find one that works.

  • What should I say to someone to get them to be a Vote Tripler?

    There are no “magic words” you should say or a script you should follow. A very brief version of the conversation might go like this:

    You:    There’s an important election coming up in November, and I’m asking people I know to remind their friends to vote. Can I count on you to remind three of your friends to vote on Election Day?

    Vote Tripler:    Sure.

    You:    Great! What are the names of the three people you’ll remind to vote?

    Vote Tripler:    Angela Baker, Charlie Dawson, and Edna Foxx.

    You:    Thanks! A reminder to vote can make a big difference — especially when it’s from a friend. I really appreciate your help.