Quickstart Guide

BlockPower and Black Power

BlockPower is a nonprofit that developed this Voting Ambassador program to help increase voter turnout — and political power — in the Black community. Thousands of BlockPower Voting Ambassadors helped fuel a record turnout by Black voters in the November election, and we hope to do so again for the Senate runoff elections on January 5, 2021. This is the perfect time for Voting Ambassadors to talk with their friends, neighbors and family members about the importance of voting. You can make a difference — and make money, too!

What Voting Ambassadors Do

As a Voting Ambassador, you have two tasks:

  • Signing up people you know as Vote Triplers — that is, people who promise you they’ll remind three friends to vote in the upcoming runoff elections.
  • Encouraging your Vote Triplers to become Voting Ambassadors like you, and then helping them find Vote Triplers of their own.

Every time you do either of those things, you’ll be helping four more people vote in this important election — and you’ll earn $25!

Looking for Vote Triplers

Voting Ambassadors use the BlockPower app to find and record Vote Triplers. When you sign in on the BlockPower app, you’ll be given a list of possible Vote Triplers who live near you. This list doesn’t include everyone in your neighborhood. BlockPower uses public voting records to create a list of people who aren’t regular voters and need a friendly reminder. If you don’t see family members or neighbors on your list, it’s probably because they don’t need to be reminded to vote — they can be counted on to vote in the runoff elections already.

If you don’t see many people you know on the list, use the Search tool to look for people you know elsewhere in the state. Try searching for the names of Facebook friends, work colleagues, people you know from church or other social functions, etc. Don’t give up — there are millions of people in our voter database.

Talking with People about Voting

There’s no one “right way” to talk with people about voting, or to ask them to be a Vote Tripler. We hope your Vote Tripler list will include people you know and are already comfortable talking with. Check out this example of Vince recruiting his friend LeRoy to be a Vote Tripler.

For many Voting Ambassadors, however, voting is more than doing a friend “a favor.” If you’re someone who feels that voting matters, you won’t have any trouble talking with your friends about why this election is so important.

If you’d like to hear some inspirational words about the history of the Black vote and the importance of voting, watch this excerpt from former President Obama’s eulogy of Congressman John Lewis two months ago:

Vote-Tripling Tips & Tricks

  • Be safe in the way you talk with your possible Vote Triplers; use the phone, email or texting if you feel it’s unsafe to talk face to face
  • Tell them why you became involved as a Voting Ambassador and about BlockPower’s mission to increase Black voter turnout in the November election.
  • Ask what issues matter most to them — police brutality, social Justice, better jobs, better healthcare, etc.— and explain that how the government responds to these issues depends on who wins the Senate runoffs, so they need to vote!
  • Explain what “vote tripling” is — it’s a promise to remind three people they know to vote before Election Day on January 5, 2021.
  • Ask them if they’ll agree to be your Vote Tripler by —
    • Telling you the names of three people they’ll remind to vote, and
    • Giving you their phone number so BlockPower can verify that they’ve agreed to be your Vote Tripler.