Being a Voting Ambassador

A BlockPower organizer will call you soon, but you don’t have to wait for us to call if you’re ready to get started. Check out this guide and sign up below, or we’ll call you when we can!

What Voting Ambassadors Do

The task of a Voting Ambassador is to recruit “Vote Triplers” from a list of family members, friends, and neighbors we provide. A Vote Tripler is someone who agrees to remind three other people to vote in the next election.

You’ll earn money for each Vote Tripler you recruit. And your Vote Triplers can become Ambassadors and earn money recruiting Vote Triplers of their own!

How Voting Ambassadors Do It

Let’s say you saw your friend Vanessa Taylor on the list of possible Vote Triplers we provide. You would reach out to Vanessa and ask her to become a Vote Tripler — that is, to promise to remind three other people (housemates, family members or friends) to vote in the next election.

If Vanessa agrees, you’ll enter her name and the names of the three people she promised to remind in our app. As soon as Vanessa confirms that she’s your Vote Tripler, we’ll send you a payment — it’s as easy as that!

Using the BlockPower App

You’ll use BlockPower’s app to find Vote Triplers, submit them to us, and keep track of your payments. This isn’t an app you need to download to your computer or phone — it’s a web page we’ll link you to after you submit your acknowledgment below. This walkthrough will show you how the app works:


Do you have any questions about being a Voting Ambassador, recruiting Vote Triplers, or anything else?


In performing my activities as a Voting Ambassador —

  • I am acting as an independent contractor, and not as an employee or agent of BlockPower;
  • I do not have the power or authority to speak for BlockPower or to legally bind it by anything I say or do;
  • I am not being paid to vote, to register to vote, or to register anyone else to vote; and
  • I understand I will not be entitled to payment for submitting false names or other information.