Vote Leader Onboarding


This vote outreach program is a partnership between BlockPower and BLOC (Black Leaders Organizing Communities). The mission is to increase the long-term political power in the black community by recruiting, training, educating and compensating people.

We are a nonpartisan vote education program. We will not be advocating for any one candidate or party.

Being a Vote Leader

Your task is to use the BlockPower platform to find people you know and have them pledge to remind three other people to vote in the next election.

We call these people “Vote Triplers.” They are people near you who are not regular voters and might need a reminder to vote. These people could be family members, friends, and neighbors.

How does it work?

Let’s say you saw your friend Vanessa on the list of possible Vote Triplers we provide. You would reach out to Vanessa, and ask her to become a Vote Tripler by pledging to remind three other people (housemates, family members or friends) to vote in the next election.

If Vanessa agrees, you’ll enter her name, the names of the three people she will remind, and her phone number on our platform.

Vanessa will receive a text thanking her for her pledge. She will need to text back YES to confirm or she will not count and you will not get paid.

Here’s an example:

Next, you will get a text letting you know she confirmed. Within that text there will be a link to a form to report the hours you spent recruiting the tripler you just confirmed.

Vote Leaders will get paid on Fridays for all hours completed between Friday and Thursday of the previous week. Payments can be direct-deposited to your bank account or be put on a pay card.

You must complete the new-hire form to start receiving payment.

Using the BlockPower platform

You would use BlockPower’s platform to find Vote Triplers, submit them to us, and keep track of your payments. This platform is a web page we’ll link you to after you submit your acknowledgment below.

You can use the platform to search for any names in the City of Milwaukee.

This walkthrough will show you how the platform works:


Do you have any questions about being a Vote Leader, recruiting Vote Triplers, or anything else?


In performing my activities as a Vote Leader —

  • I am acting as an employee of BLOC;
  • I will not tell anyone who to vote for.
  • I do not have the power or authority to speak for BLOC or to legally bind it by anything I say or do;
  • I am not being paid to vote, to register to vote, or to register anyone else to vote; and
  • In order for me to be paid, I must complete this new-hire form.